SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat (KONTAKT)

Intuitive workflow SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat allows you to "roll cubes" and receive random sounds. Parts of bits, fragments of a melody or wild sound experiments will turn into new ideas in the shortest possible time. You can also import your own samples into 11 available sequencer tracks. 

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Endless randomization: A wide variety of parameters for the sequencer, such as: sound selection, altitude, panorama, effect send, volume, LFO for filter and altitude. Directing the sequencer forward and backward and many randomization options will provide you with a smoother and more intuitive workflow.
Do not forget that you will have five available sequencers and each can store up to 64 samples on tracks 1-9 and 127 samples on tracks 10-11. 

But SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat is not just an excellent generator of fresh ideas: thanks to its ability to handle included and user samples in a variety of different and exciting ways, it's also a fully downloadable remix machine! And numerous combinatorial possibilities make Schlagomat one of a kind - very inspiring multi abilities.


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