Marcos Ciscar - Fingerpicked Guitars (KONTAKT)

Marcos Ciscar - Fingerpicked Guitars is a combination of two guitar tracks. The first is a monophonic recording of the old guitar guitar as a 24-bit 44.1 kHz and the second is a stereo recording of a new guitar with steel strings at 24-bit 96 kHz. The goal was to get a bright sound, suitable for American, Celtic and cinematic music. 

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A new set of instruments from Marcos Ciscar is designed to capture beautiful instruments with the best recording technologies in a professional studio. The recordings are clean, transparent and musical. 

The envelope (dynamic progression) of the sound. Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls.
Here you can add ambience to the sound. Choose a reverb FX from the list of 35. Hipass cuts the low end out of the sound, Size controls the decay of the reverb and Return the amount of reverb volume in the mix.
These controls are for mid the frequencies. LMF Gain, LMF Frq and LMF Q are for the low mids controlling gain, frequency and EQ-curve. HMF Gain, HMF Frq and HMF Q are for the high mids controlling gain, frequency and EQ-curve.
This is a classic low-pass filter that cuts the high frequencies out. Cutoff sets the frequency and Resonance the amount of feedback in the filtered sound.
Main controls
Here you adjust the Volume and stereo placement of the sound, Pan.
This is an emulation of the vintage ‘anger’ eect that was originally produced by letting two reel-to-reel tape machines with the same recording run together while touching the reels, thus altering the sound. The controls are Depth (amount of the FX), Speed and Feedback which explain themselves.
This controls the stereo widths of the sound. In recordings containing two guitars you either put them more together in the stereo field or more apart. Spread controls the widths and Pan the placement of the sound in the stereo field.
This creates thicker sound through the use of detuning techniques. Speed set the vibrato of the FX and Depth the amount.


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