Soundethers The Light

Soundethers - The Light for KONTAKT is a very unusual combination of records of sound atmospheres and textures. Really live sound landscapes. We traveled around Rome, were in his churches ... and just started recording the sounds of moving and whispering people walking in those beautiful places with natural reverberation. You will also find records of airports, shops, old, from the 70's a "diesel self-propelled" train, A subway train, unusual objects such as a crystal lamp, breathing underwater with an irrigation engine, cracking a fireplace, rain in a beautiful stereo field, and so on...

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Soundethers - The Light developed patches from scratch on such amazing synthesizers as Massive, Absynth, Padshop Pro, Alchemy and mixed their sounds with these recordings. The interface represents 3 separate layers for flexible use. 

Soundethers - The Light Specifications:
- 50 patches made of layers with tuned textures and fields (best on C1 - C3 range, mapped from C0 to C6, MW assigned)
- 25 patches with the single raw field recordings, seamlessly looping (samples length from 30 sec. to 7+ mins.).
- Total patches 75 - 1,30 GB uncompressed, 44,100-24-bit Wav/Ncw format.


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