Native Instruments - Session Bassist UPRIGHT BASS (KONTAKT)

The Session Bassist UPRIGHT BASS by Native Instruments is a virtual instrument designed for use with KONTAKT. It features the deep, organic low end of a handcrafted upright bass and offers over 220 playable patterns and phrases suitable for a variety of contemporary genres. 

Download:Native Instruments - Session Bassist UPRIGHT BASS (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Session Percussionist (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Session Percussionist for NI KONTAKT features authentic percussion performances. Featuring shakers, tambourines, congas, keyons and more, choose from 58 carefully selected instruments, each with a variety of mix variations. Get fast results with curated ensemble presets, each containing up to five instrument slots that can be played simultaneously or individually for unique expression. 

Download:Native Instruments - Session Percussionist (KONTAKT)

RealBox - Trompeta M (KONTAKT)

RealBox - Trompeta M is a sound library for KONTAKT, features a realistic trumpet sound that can be used for various musical genres, such as mariachi, cumbia, and salsa. 

Download:RealBox - Trompeta M (KONTAKT)

Past to Future Reverbs - 1880 ACOUSTIC GUITAR (KONTAKT)

Past to Future Reverbs - 1880 ACOUSTIC GUITAR for KONTAKT is Amazing sounding German Romantic guitar from 1880 by Karl Ruckmich. We took this steel string track and sampled it with them. Sounds like an ancient Martin guitar. The intonation isn't very good, but we think that's part of the charm!

Download: Past to Future Reverbs - 1880 ACOUSTIC GUITAR (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Play Series: RUDIMENTS (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Play Series: RUDIMENTS (KONTAKT). Universal Hip Hop drum kits.
Do-it-all drums for contemporary productions. Organic and synthesized drum sounds processed through outboard gear. Each kit contains 16 hip hop drum patterns that can be edited in any DAW with MIDI drag and drop. Part of the Play Series: Hard-hitting presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface.

Download:Native Instruments - Play Series: RUDIMENTS (KONTAKT)


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