Garritan GPO4 Personal Orchestra 4.0.2

The latest version of Garritan Personal Orchestra 4(GPO4)  includes the advanced new ARIA engine. The ARIA engine is a highly-optimized sample player featuring e&cient RAM usage and cycling, fast sample loading, and low CPU-demand. The ARIA engine is in use in products from Microsoft, SONY, AKAI and MakeMusic and is stable and thoroughly tested. It works as a Standalone, Plug-in (VST, AudioUnits & RTAS), and with supported notation programs. The ARIA engine also supports 64-bit operating systems.

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Create lush symphonic music with this collection of software instruments. There are well over 200 software instruments - delicious strings, joyous brass, intimate woodwinds, powerful percussion, glorious concert organ, Steinway virtual concert piano, heavenly harps, chors and more. 

For detailed help or information, consult the manual that comes included in this GPO 4 installation package.

System Requirements
XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 (64-bit compatible)
Core 2 Duo CPU or better recommended
Sound Card – DirectSound, MME, or ASIO drivers required.
(DirectSound driver required when using with Finale)
2GB RAM recommended
3GB hard drive space 


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