Garritan Classic Pipe Organs v1.3

Garritan Classic Pipe Organs is the only library of its kind to offer a choice of multiple historic pipe organ spanning over four hundred years. Baroque, Classical, Renaissance, Romantic, and two Modern pipe organs are represented in this collection. You can play music from the early music repertoire, Bach, lush romantic music, or post-modern music. For Garritan Aria Player.

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This Classic Pipe Organs library includes the following:
The “Garritan ARIA Player” installer file that contains the ARIA Player software and the ARIA. 

This collection brings the power and majesty of the pipe organ into your studio, place of worship, rehearsal room, or home, at a fraction of the cost, and takes up far less room. Composers can use this collection for inspiration to capture creative ideas and sketch organ arrangements quickly. Hobbyists can use it for adding organ sounds to their tracks. Beginners, organ enthusiasts, and music students can use it to learn, study, and practice organ music at home. The organs in this collection can also be used to supplement Garritan Personal Orchestra and other libraries.


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