Gary Garritan Gofriller Solo Cello

Gary Garritan Gofriller Solo Cello (Cello Gofriller) VSTi / DXi / RTAS - one of the finest cellos ever created; they are famous because of their rich and beautiful sound. Like this cello Gofriller, are so good, that are considered the best tools in a number of their own kind, we wanted to create a library of instrumental samples, which would be the best cello sound library created to date.

The Gofriller Solo Cello represents a major step forward in software musical instrument technology and provides a level of realism and expression never before heard in the industry.This new instrument integrates the Native Instruments Kontakt 2 sample player and can be used as a standalone instrument, as a VST, DXi, RTAS or Audio Units plug-in, and can be used with supported notation programs.

System Requirements:
The entire Gofriller Cello instrument, is packed into a single Kontakt 2 instrument, and as such, works on PC & Mac platforms (For Mac, OSX 10,4+ required), and works with all sequencers that support VST, DXi, RTAS and Audio Units. It works in real time on a P4 2.6+ GHz (or a comparable Mac), with a CPU load of about 20-25% (convolution included). A faster computer will yield more efficiency and also Kontakt 2 purging will significantly decrease the CPU load. A keyboard with a six octave range, Pitch Wheel, Mod Wheel, Sustain Pedal, Channel Aftertouch and Expression Pedal or similar controllers are required to get full use of the product.


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