Chocolate Audio - UPROAR RAW (KONTAKT)

Chocolate Audio - UPROAR RAW (KONTAKT) is a Custom ESP 8-String Baritone Guitar. Chocolate Audio teamed up again with the extremely talented Gianluca Ferro and his Custom ESP 8-String Baritone Guitar to create an instrument dedicated to low-end-activated power rhythm guitar. For KONTAKT 5.6.5+

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Engine Features:
build your own articulation map with up to 10 different articulations + release samples.
trigger articulations via key-switches or temporary key-switching.
automatic repeat on releasefunction for faster riffs.
very quick startup times.
2 parts, 2 amps + 1 DI and stereo management (panpot, Haas, micro delay and detuning).
Legato and Slide: a single note intelligent Legato and Slide which plays a Legato (hammer-on or pull-off) or Slide (up or down-ward) effect when two notes are overlapping and a normal Sustain sample when not.
pre-attack to save the vital pre-attack pick-noise where needed (required anticipating parts in your DAW).
repetition time to trigger automatically down-strokes only or alternate picking.
assign single channels to separate outs. 

played by Gianluca Ferro on a Custom ESP 8-String Baritone Guitar.
about 3.85 GB (compressed) of samples.
14709 samples.
32 articulations + fitting release samples.
2 full octaves of range (F#1-F#3), tailored for power rhythm parts.
dedicated to creating raging and furious low-ended power rhythm guitar tracks.
up to 6 round robins per articulation.
2 boutique high-gain amprecording paths.
1 direct-injection to the converters (D.I.) for personalized post processing.
2 bi-amped (+ DI) indipendent parts and Haas and detuning effects on each part for maximum flexibility in timbre and stereo witdth, from mono to expanded mind-boggling stereo.
easy multi out assignment.
freely assignable articulations.
comes with 3 pre-made Kontakt multis.
30 instrument presets for sound and articulation combinations.
digitally recorded at 24-bit / 88.2 kHz, released at 24-bit / 44.1 kHz.


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