Chocolate Audio - BBassV Electric Bass

Chocolate Audio - BBassV Electric Bass - the result of several years of research and development sets a new standard in terms of sound playability. BBassV Electric Bass is derived from the 5-string bass guitar Yamaha BB415, odogo of the few "non-classical" instruments, which, we find, has a lot of unique features. Concept BBassV Electric Bass - make a play bass lines on a MIDI keyboard as simple as possible. Gone are the days when we had to disassemble and to memorize a lot of key-switches, to get a convincing track sound.

BBassV has 3 play modes: Poly enables you to easily play Polyphonic bass lines; Mono plays one note legato using intelligent engine; Slide - just play consistently on the MIDI keyboard and the two notes sound the first two will overlap, spreading to 3 semitones.

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