Chocolate Audio - The 88 Series Pianos Steinbach Upright (KONTAKT)

Chocolate Audio sampled a beautifully made italian upright piano built by Steinbach in Torino and placed it in a mid-size roomy studio surrounded by a plethora of microphones. Our approach to sampled Instruments is to let the musician in you fly free of any technical burden. Fast, full satisfaction is guaranteed: you just need to play, the fastest possible learning-curve is always kept as a reference when designing our Instruments. 

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This Instrument, we believe, easily opens up many different sonic worlds by using its on-board mixer. This tool is focused on easy-to-get results with a few tailored controls:
-Panpot, places the sound in a specific direction
-Mute and Solo
-Width, controls the width of the stereo signals
-Reverb Send, amount of signal for each microphone that gets processed by the on-board IR Reverb
-Master effects are a 3-band EQ with cherry-picked frequency centers, a Preset Compressor & Tape Emulation and the IR Reverb
-On each single channel you might use a simple but very effective 3-band EQ
Optimal resources management
Dealing with a piano Instrument featuring four microphones at the same time can bring an heavy load on system resources. The amount of playback voices for the CPU and Disk Streaming, preload in RAM and load times could suffer.
-5.95 GB (lossless compressed) library size, 4688 samples


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