Sonic Scores - Overture x64 (Win)

Sonic Scores - Overture 5 provides powerful editing and typing tools for musical notation, a linear view - allows you to edit music with a single horizontal display of measures. The touch interface allows you to click buttons and controls in the same way as with a mouse. 64-Bit and VST 3 support. Steinberg - Dorico 1

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A few years ago, Sonic Scores decided to take a new direction in music notation software. We looked at how composers used software tools to create music and redesigned Overture to suit all needs. Overture was the first music editor to include editing MIDI data using the Piano Roll and the continuous data editor. Overture was also the first in notation to implement support for VST / AU plugins. We always believed that your scores should not only look good, but also sound great. In the end, we create music that will be heard, not seen.

Single Window Interface - Provides powerful editing and typing tools, so you can spend time writing music instead of searching menus and dialog boxes. The main components of Overture are contained in browsers and panels. You can quickly enter notes using the mouse or computer keyboard or record MIDI for instant display. Most commands can be executed with one simple command on the fly.
Linear view - allows you to edit music with a single horizontal display of measures. You can also view and edit the MIDI data of each measure under their display with the synchronization of both displays.
Touchscreen Interface - Overture’s new touchscreen features allow you to work and navigate like you never imagined. Get hands-on experience and enjoy the touch interface. Swipe to scroll your score or close panels. Press buttons and controls in the same way as with the mouse. Tap and drag to control the sliders and scrolling, swipe to fast paging, and drag to zoom in or out. All ordinary daily activities can now be performed on your screen with your touch.
64-Bit and VST 3 support - Overture 64-bit support allows you to take full advantage of your computer’s memory address space of more than 4 GB, as well as download new 64-bit virtual tools that require a large amount of memory. You are no longer limited by the size of your score or by what instruments you can download. VST3 support allows you to use new tools in this format, such as Vienna Ensemble Pro 5. In this example, Vienna hosts a lot of plugins.


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