iZotope - RX 7 Audio Editor Advanced 7 (macOS)

iZotope RX7 is a program for restoration and advanced sound processing. IZotope has released the seventh generation of RX software, which simplifies audio recovery and processing. New features based on years of extensive research in digital signal processing and machine learning open up new creative possibilities for working with soundtracks of any genre. For Windows: iZotope - RX 7 Audio Editor Advanced 7

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The main RX tools include: Repair Assistant, Music Rebalance, Dialogue Contour. Repair Assistant is the industry's first intelligent tool for analyzing and detecting noise, clicks, clicks and the like in a sound. It offers three processing options at three different intensities. Music Rebalance performs source separation by intelligently identifying vocals, bass, drums and other instruments. After determining the mix instruments, the user can individually improve the elements of the sound track, which allows to improve the phonogram without repeated information. Dialogue Contour helps correct speech intonation when editing dialogs. Remove / Isolate Vocals helps to create instrumental versions of songs, removing the vocals or, conversely, highlighting the vocals.


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