Billion Chords v1.0 (Win)

Billion Chords v1.0 - The Most Powerful Guitar Chord Collection in the World! With over 1 billion chords available to you, with thousands of guitar chord change options. You can even get all kinds of structural chord combinations, or the most complex chords in the world. 

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In Billion Chords v1.0 you can select any chord, press the button and learn the positions of hundreds of chords right now.
Features of Billion Chords:

• Ability to find any existing chord
• Ability to build any chord by selecting abbreviations on the list
• Ability to listen to the sound of chords
• Ability to change sound by selecting instrument
• List of all synonyms for each chord
• Chord drawing on a virtual fret chart
• You can select general settings
• You can change your personal settings.
• Search for chords
• Display only light chords
• Choose the maximum distance between the fingers
• Ability to display chords for the left hand
• Change bass notes for any chord
• Over one million combinations


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