iZotope - RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced v10.4.0 (Win)

iZotope - RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced v10.4.0 (Win) has long been a popular audio repair and polishing package for movies, TV, music, podcasts, video games, sample libraries and more. In version 10, we've added new features and functionality to solve some of the most common restoration problems that exist in modern post-production projects, making it the ultimate choice for audio post-production.

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Surgical Noise Removal: Use a variety of selection tools to muffle, replace or completely remove any unwanted noise.
Working in a DAW or application. RX comes with a versatile set of plugins and application modules to combat hum, clipping, noise and more.
Intelligent processing. Using machine learning and assistive technologies, RX can listen to your audio and instantly offer suggestions to fix or improve it


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