Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Violin 2.0 (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Violin 2.0 for KONTAKT sampled a string trio of talented Italian musicians, Barbara (violin), Giada (viola) and Klaus (cello), at the amazing Teatro delle Voci in Treviso. The Broz Solo Violin features up to 3.5 octaves, 4 dynamic layers for sustained articulations, 2 legato types, 4 Round Robins for short articulations like Spiccato, Staccato and Pizzicato. Here is Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Viola

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Fluffy Audio provide you the ability to create your unique sound by mixing the 3 microphones positions (Close, Mid and Far). The sampling was madetop quality gear: Schoeps and AudioTechnica microphones, Neve and Millennia Media preamps.
The violin is a 1839 Gaetano Guadagnini made in Turin. It is played by Barbara Broz since 2010.


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