Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Viola (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - Trio Broz Solo Viola is a library of dynamic alto samples for Kontakt, inspired by the honest and compact sound of Trio Broz. Thanks to a spontaneous dynamic voice with the support of the powerful DCE engine, the Trio Broz Solo Viola is the ideal tool for creating emotional and sensual phrases, as well as energetic lines in a high register. 

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Fluffy Audio created samples stringed instruments consisting of a trio of talented Italian musicians Barbara (violin), Giada (alt) and Klaus (cello) in the amazing Teatro delle Voci (Treviso). Alto range 3.5 octaves, 3 dynamic layers for articulation "Sustain", legato, 4 round of Robbins for short articulations as spicato, staccato. We give you the opportunity to create your own unique sound by mixing / changing 3 microphone positions (close, middle, far). Sampling was performed at the highest quality using Neve microphones and the Millennia Media preamplifier. 

4480 samples
4.4 GB ncw compressed sample pool (9 GB original sample size)
3 mic positions
3.5 octaves note range
Vibrato, non-vibrato + synthesized vibrato
Staccato, Spiccato, Pizzicato articulations with 4 Round Robins
DCE Engine to blend the dynamics
3 dynamic layers for sustained articulations
Pitch-Wheel controlled sub articulations like crescendo, accented attack
Humanized tuning
Automatic legato speed based on the analysis of your performance
17 Impulse Reverbs
Animated GUI with many configurable parameters
Ready-to-play presets


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