uJAM - Finisher Bundle 2021.3 VST, AAX x64

uJAM - Finisher Bundle 2021.3 VST, AAX x64 is a new type of effects plugin from UJAM. It's engineered to combine the power of an entire effects rack with the ease of use and instant feedback from a single plug-in. Finisher is your musical companion that will continue to inspire you and protect you from mixing a bland and boring track. 

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Finisher FLUXX v1.0 - Evil genius of creative effects. Deconstruct, transform and animate your sounds!
UJAM has announced the release of Finisher FLUXX, the third addition to its virtual multi-effects series.
Welcome to the Lab - From the very beginning of sound design, audio scientists have worked in their laboratories ... Microdosing fuzzing units, downsampling and feedback artifacts in precise proportions.
One big question has always remained unresolved: "Isn't it possible to use all this at once?" But with 50 unique effect chains compressed into one unit of FX, the risk is too high. Is not it? Finisher FLUXX is the mad professor's answer in big glowing letters. As a result of the experiment, a creative effect plugin was created that is sure to bring your sounds to life. Supercharging them, taking them apart on a subatomic level, from bizarre to epic.
Finisher MICRO v1.0.1 isn't chorus, not reverb, compressor or EQ - it's all of the above and more because it uses these effects as building blocks to create the finishing touches to your tracks. The Finisher MICRO will continue to inspire you and protect you from recording or mixing a soft and boring track.
Finisher NEO v1.1 is a multi-effect for instant inspiration. It includes 50 carefully designed effect configurations based on 27 different algorithms - from granular pitch shifter and multiband distortion, stereo delays and convolutional processors. Three macro knobs give you total control without the hassle. Adjust or automate the Effect knob for musically stunning sound shifts, and adjust Variation and Ambience to make each effect unique.
Finisher RETRO v1.0 - vintage sound when you turn a knob. Finisher Retro contains a complete set of sophisticated effect chains controlled with just a few knobs. But this time, the focus is on vintage sounds from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
Finisher VOODOO v1.0 - Finisher VOODOO offers 50 elaborate sound effect configurations and over 150 presets combining 40 different algorithms - everything from convolution and modulation to dynamics, distortion and equalizers - even multiband - to granular and twisted effects. Five macro knobs give you complete control over your sound.


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