XLN Audio - Addictive Drums v.2.0.7


Addictive Drums 2 - is full drum studio. It includes a complete set of different drum kits for different genres of music: Retro / Modern Jazz-Sticks / Modern Jazz-Brushes / Funk, Metal / Punk Rock / Ballad Grooves / Sloppy Grooves. As well as many additional drums and cymbals. The samples contain all the nuances of the beats from the weakest to the strongest, as well as a variety of options strikes (eg, hihat - 12 options, snare - 6). All sampled drum / cymbal recorded in multi-channel mic setup, just like a real drum kit would have been recorded.

Developer: XLN Audio
Version: 2.0.7
Platform: Windows
file size: 8 56 GB.

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 VST v2.0.7 includes:
-ADpak Studio Rock
-ADpak Vintage Dry
-ADpak Black Velvet
-ADpak Session Percussion
-ADpak Indie
-ADpak Metal
-ADpak Reel Machines
-ADpak Funk
-ADpak Modern Jazz Sticks
-ADpak Modern Jazz Brushes
-ADpak Retroplex
-ADpak Blue Oyster
-ADpak Black Oyster
-ADpak Studio Prog
-ADpak Studio Pop
-ADpak Fairfax Vol.1
-ADpak Fairfax Vol.2

-MIDIpak 60's Beats
-MIDIpak Heavy Rock
-MIDIpak Diabolic
-MIDIpak Indie Rock
-MIDIpak Funk's Up
-MIDIpak Percussion Beats
-MIDIpak Loud Beats & Songs
-MIDIpak Dry Beats & Songs
-MIDIpak Reggae
-MIDIpak Writer's Blocks
-MIDIpak Blues
-MIDIpak Alternative Rock
-MIDIpak American Rock
-MIDIpak Latin Afro
-MIDIpak Sloppy Grooves
-MIDIpak Ballad Grooves
-MIDIpak Rock'n'Roll
-MIDIpak Jazz Brushes Grooves
-MIDIpak Jazz Sticks Grooves
-MIDIpak Funk Beats 1
-MIDIpak Funk Beats 2
-MIDIpak Reel Machines Beats
-MIDIpak Rock Songs
-MIDIpak Retro Songs
-MIDIpak Metal Songs
-MIDIpak HipHop
-MIDIpak Punk Rock
-MIDIpak American Indie

-KitPiece Brazilian Pandeiro
-KitPiece LP Brazilian Timbau
-KitPiece Pearl Masterworks Piccolo Snare
-KitPiece Ludwig Supraphonic 402 Snare
-KitPiece Mandinka Djembe
-KitPiece Mandinka Sangban
-KitPiece Sonor Designer Snare
-KitPiece Sonor Latino Bongos
-KitPiece DW Collector's Bass Drum
-KitPiece DW Solid Piccolo Snare
-KitPiece Premier Gen-X Bass Drum
-KitPiece DW Woofer Bass Drum
-KitPiece Valter Percussion Standard Box Cajon
-KitPiece Vistalite Bass Drum


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