VSTBuzz - Cymbal Rolls (KONTAKT, WAV)

VSTBuzz - Cymbal Rolls (KONTAKT, WAV) is a huge collection of rolls played at different speeds on a variety of cymbals ranging from 14 "to 28". Different hammers were used to perform rolls of varying intensity, making this collection ideal for composers and producers. 

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To do this, we decided to record a huge number of cymbals of different types and sizes (in crystal clear 24-bit / 96 kHz format) at different speeds and intensity levels using different hammers, sticks and beaters.
Various rolls were also recorded, including short, medium, long, soft, loud, etc.
Cymbal Rolls was designed and recorded by the incredible sound engineer Rick Allen. Percussionist John Mattox, who has worked on a wide variety of films, trailers, TV shows and video games.


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