ReFX Nexus v2.2.0 VSTi, RTAS x86 (WIN)

ReFX Nexus v2.2.0 - is a set of the second version of the popular Nexus VST synthesizer for creating modern electronic music. Using existing arpeggiator presets in Nexus 2 and built-in sounds will give you the opportunity to create incredible hypnotic melodies. The possibilities of Nexus are very wide - from complex storm sounds to powerful dance leads and Gregorian choirs. 14.83 GB.

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What has changed in the new version of Nexus:
According to the manufacturer, the ReFX Nexus 2 VSTi tool has become more stable and much faster. The latest version of ReFX Nexus 2 VSTi reduced computer resource requirements. In addition, problems with the support of various banks to it that were issued earlier disappeared. Thanks to the many banks issued for it, the ReFX Nexus 2 VSTi instrument can be used easily and quickly in any musical direction. The sound in the ReFX Nexus 2 VSTi is simply amazing, and overall it is a great tool for both professionals and beginners to control the controllers via MIDI.

ReFX Nexus 2 Expansion:
Dance Leads
Epic Leads
Fantasy and Dreams
Gated Pads
Single Layer Leads
Single Layer Pads
Single Layer Sequence
Synthetic Brass
Textures and FX
XP Analog
XP Bass
XP Bigtone Signature
XP Bigtone Signature 2
XP Bigtone Signature 3
XP Crank
XP Dance Vol.2
XP Dance Vol.3
XP Drums Loops
XP Drums Singles
XP Guitars
XP HandsUP-Electro Bass
XP HandsUP-Electro Bass Vol.2
XP Hardstyle
XP Minimal House
XP Minimal House Vol.2
XP Omicron
XP Pop
XP PS Total Piano
XP ROM Extension
XP Stratosphere
XP Vintage Bonus
XP Vintage Drumkits
XP Vintage Drumloops
XP Vocoder
XP Xmas


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