Red Sounds - VOX Engine (KONTAKT)

Red Sounds - VOX Engine - incredibly useful instrument for modern producers and DJs. Create hits you hear on the radio instantly. This KONTAKT instrument is made for creating chopped vocal melodies and motives easily. It is a massive time saver. These type of sounds mostly used in EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB, Future Bass,House, Chillout, Pop and are all over the radio nowadays, but, VOX ENGINE will fit in any genre. 

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You can make and process vocal samples yourself, but it often takes away creativity. With VOX ENGINE you can create and mix your vocal chops in seconds. You will get tons of inspiration, because there are 100 carefully shaped presets right of the box. These are all different samples, not same samples with slightly different processing.

There are 72 tuned presets for chopped vocal melodies and 28 vocal effects and spoken word presets in this library.
Nice looking 3D GUI with intuitive and useful control faders.
Usual ADSR Controls
Glide (portamento, this fade controls glide time)
Legato/Mono Switch (slightly different playing modes)
Speed (this fader allows to speed up or slow down the samples)
Low Pass Filter Cutoff (very handy for pushing vocals back in the mix)
Low Pass Filter Resonance
Hi Pass Filter (for rolling off low frequencies)
Drive (Distortion)
FX (combination of effects to create a bigger sound)

All sounds were recorded and processed in Red Sounds studio, so they are 100 Royalty free.
Samples are not processed to death, so you can make it even more unique with your own plugins.
Of course, you can import and use your own samples like in any other Kontakt instrument.


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