Muletone Audio - Travel Congas (KONTAKT)

Muletone Audio - Travel Congas sounds like a traditional, but has a compact membrane with a diameter of 11.75 inches x3.5 inches, framing a wooden structure, like a conga of real size. This instrument is easily transferred because of its smaller size and resists fluctuations in humidity and temperature. 

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Muletone Audio - Travel Congas was recorded using many traditional Brazilian rhythms and several grooves. The files are presented as single samples in Round Robin and synchronized loops. To record this instrument, played an outstanding musician, composer and percussionist Marcos Nascimento.

No hundreds of effects and loads of knobs which you don’t use. Each effect has been made to enhance the sample intelligently.
162 Samples. Recorded using Apogee converters and preamps. Everything recorded at 44100Hz, 24bit.
Fully Dynamic
The samples offer from the slightest touch to the strongest attack providing more freedom to create dynamic rhythms and beats.
Perfect Ambience
Use the convolution reverb and create a perfect environment. Unlike other Brazilian libraries each instrument is recorded with dry ambience preserving the real character of the instrument.Mic Placement. 2 microphones were used in different positions. Mix or use the sound you like within the mix.


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