Modartt - Pianoteq STAGE v6.2.2 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x86 x64 (Win)

Unlike most sample-based VST libraries, Modartt - Pianoteq uses physical modeling technology, that is, it is on a par with wind instruments from Sample Modeling, bass from IK Multimedia (MODO BASS). Thanks to this design approach, Pianoteq is very small (about 50 Mb), and there is no doubt about the sound quality - the sound quality of the plugin was noted by Steinway representatives, whose instruments served as the basis for the Pianoteq engine. 

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Here, everything that characterizes a real piano: mechanical noises (optional), the complex sound of pedals and strings in interaction, the impact of strokes on the staccato game (short notes), and, of course, most importantly, the beauty of the piano sound. The notes are actually reproduced (“created” on the fly in real time, as in a real piano), and not just read from disk or memory. This explains why the sound is lively and not static: it is not a simple recording, it is a genuine instrument that responds to the pianist’s most subtle interpretations, and it does not require storage of gigabytes of data, because he needs only a modern processor to calculate all sounds in real time.

Pianoteq offers a whole collection of amazingly live instruments: pianos, pianos, percussion keyboards such as cymbals, clavichords and harpsichords, electro-acoustic and electric pianos, chromatic percussions and others.


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