GSi - VB3-II 1.1.1 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3 x64 (Win)

The GSi VB3-II is the result of nearly 15 years of study, research, experimentation and development of a vintage Hammond B3 organ simulation. It is the evolution of the GSi VB3 1.4 with a new sound, a new set of parameters, endless sound customization. 

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The GSi VB3-II included
Full polyphony (61 upper + 61 lower + 25 pedals = 147 notes)
91 modeled tonewheels with accurate phase synchronization
Adjustable leakage noise and cross modulation between tonewheels
A total of 22 different tonewheel generators to choose from
Generator shaping for a total of 154 generator combinations
Adjustable global tuning from 430 to 450 Hz
Foldback on 16" deactivatable
Complex wheels
Resistor wiring with multiple options
Realistic “run” motor wow & flutter
Busbars and 9 key contact simulation
Two separate sets of drawbars per manual
Full "inverted octave" presets
String Bass with adjustable release time
Loudness "robbing" effect
Single triggered percussion with natural capacitor discharge/recharge
Adjustable Percussion Level & Decay
Vibrato/Chorus virtual scanner
Adjustable Vibrato Scanner depth & mix
Separated Upper and Lower V/C tablets with smooth switching
Dynamic tube overdrive simulation
Digital stereo reverb
Rotary speaker simulation with virtual microphone positioning
Rotors "Front Stop" brake position
Very low CPU consumption
Advanced MIDI Learn function with import/export of custom mappings
Upper and Lower manuals SPLIT with adjustable split point
Adjustable output level
Supports pedal sustain
Custom programmer with import/export of Programs and Banks
...and many more.


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