UJAM Virtual Bassist ROWDY (Mac OSX)

UJAM Virtual Bassist ROWDY for Mac OSX is a loud, rebellious sound and an evil style of play. This is exactly what you need if you want to be heard among heavy drums and guitar walls. The instrument may purr, but it may roar with a specially modified vintage bass guitar, hot amps, fuzz box, and even an octave.  

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UJAM Virtual Bassist ROWDY Player has two different modes: the play mode allows you to quickly select one of 40 styles and 450 phrases using your midi controller, unmistakably following the intelligent music way of playing any key or chord. The instrumental mode is designed for playing the keyboard and contains the entire ROWDY fingerboard and which can be used as a traditional sampler, with ghostly notes, full stops and even slides.
Without disappointment - Easy-to-use graphical interface based on UJAM Instruments philosophy and ROWDY controls allow you to instantly achieve fantastic sound and aggressive bass without any problems - no matter what your level of musical experience.
Tone Shaping - Improve your performance and sound with powerful, yet easy-to-use, tonal shaping controls. Choose between a signal and 3 amplifiers with separate control buttons for sound and drive overload. The character pen can give you instant access to many useful sound nuances, and then you can add a cherry on top with an octave and a simple equalizer and dynamics section. 


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