Toontrack - Acoustic EBX (SOUNDBANK)

The Toontrack Acoustic EBX is an extension to the EZbass with a traditional 4-string acoustic bass guitar. Recorded with both an external condenser microphone and a built-in piezo pickup, it offers the absolute best of both worlds in terms of tone. In addition to the instrument itself, the Acoustic EBX also includes a customizable MIDI library as well as a set of presets covering mix-ready tones tailored for both amp and acoustic scenarios. 

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- Carefully captured acoustic bass
- Ideal for use in art, acoustic and folk songs.
- Recorded with both the built-in piezo pickup and an external condenser microphone.
- Includes finger style variant as well as a set of unique percussive articulations
- Offering a range from D1 to E4
- Includes a collection of presets covering a wide range of tones - from dark and earthy to vibrant, bright and electric.
- Comes with a custom MIDI library adapted to the instrument


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