Splash Sound - Gentle Keys (KONTAKT)

Splash Sound - Gentle Keys for KONTAKT is a truly versatile piano. We recorded the instrument as clear and transparent as possible, so you can add it to every mix - be it jazz or cinematic soundtrack. Additional overdubbed patches with pads, strings, and more, prepared by professional composers, let you focus on your workflow without being distracted by finding the sound you want. 

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Maximum detail and natural sounding of one of the best musical instruments of the 20th century!
- We have made sure to play comfortably on any midi keyboard. Just change the touch sensitivity of the keys if needed.
- We retained the ability to independently change the balance of the microphones for a more accurate adjustment to your mix.
- Control the stereo width and panning of your instrument without resorting to additional instruments in your DAW
“In most cases, a compressor is a must, and we've made sure that you can add the level of compression you need without leaving the Gentle Piano interface.
- Add or completely disable sounds of piano mechanics to your taste. And also control the mixing of the noise layer (in additional patches)
- Three-band equalizer. The tool you need for mixing
- Add warmth to your piano with tape saturation, or turn off the device if you're looking for a more modern sound.


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