SONiVOX AfroCuban Percussion

SONiVOX AfroCuban Percussion great set of percussion sounds from the most common - to very rare. Brightness and saturation of sound - the distinctive features of this VST. Sampled sounds of AfroCuban Percussion suitable for a wide variety of areas of your compositions. 

As part of the instrument Hand Drums - Conga Group A, Bongo, Berimbau, Conga Group C, Conga Quinto, Conga Secundo, Conga Tumbadora, Cuica,

Finger Snaps, Pandiero, Vibraslap, Berimbau Twang, Cuica Puppy, Tiny Bongo, Tiny Conga. Shakers - Sencero, Afoxe, Agogo, Ankle Bells, Caxixi, Cha Cha Bell, Clave, Maracas and more.


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