Sample Logic - Expeditions (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Expeditions the most versatile collection of kinetic sounds from around the globe. Expeditions is a dynamic rhythmic engine with sequencer and effects, accompanied by a first-class collection of eclectic kinetic loops, ideally suited for all styles of music production. Using the capabilities and flexibility of the 4-nuclear loop engine, Expeditions has unlimited creativity that will surely inspire your music.  

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Sample Logic - Expeditions covers the sounds of the whole globe: Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Latin America. Genres include acoustic, melodic, synthetic, orchestral, hybrid, industrial and many others. Each loop was made by hand from the best records of live performers, kindly provided by the Visionary Sample Logic team in collaboration with well-known manufacturers Black Octopus, Loopmasters, Prime Loops and All this allows us to make maximum use of the quality, authenticity and diversity of samples. 


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