Sample Logic - Expeditions (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Expeditions the most versatile collection of kinetic sounds from around the globe. Expeditions is a dynamic rhythmic engine with sequencer and effects, accompanied by a first-class collection of eclectic kinetic loops, ideally suited for all styles of music production. Using the capabilities and flexibility of the 4-nuclear loop engine, Expeditions has unlimited creativity that will surely inspire your music.  

Download: Sample Logic - Expeditions (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Trailer Xpressions (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Trailer Xpressions is powerful sample library for cinematography. Trailer Xpressions offers a new approach to sound design in cinematography. Designed for the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler, Trailer Xpressions contains over 1000 sampled sounds, each of which has been carefully programmed into 26 instruments and organized into ready-made sets, making it easy to find the perfect sound for your trailer or film track and consists of intense atmospheres, drones, sharp impacts, transitions, reversals and various sound effects. 

Download: Sample Logic - Trailer Xpressions (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Electro City (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Electro City is a dynamic rhythmic sequencer and effects processor, followed by a world-class loop library, ideally suited for all styles of electronic music. Equipped with intuitive audio controls in real time, the Electro City engine and interface provide a platform for detailed customization. 

Download: Sample Logic - Electro City (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Cyclone Retwisted (KONTAKT)

Cyclone Retwisted - completely redesigned and modernized Sample Logic's CYCLONE. Currently equipped with a proprietary Step and FX Animator technology from Sample Logic together with a two-voice additive synthesizer, Cyclone Retwisted is an amazing, inspiring electronic sounds and the ultimate solution for the Kontakt sampler. 

Download: Sample Logic - Cyclone Retwisted (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Rhythmology

Sample Logic Rhythmology combines dynamic rhythmic sequencing with the effects engine and a huge library of loops, including sounds suitable for a huge range of styles. Each of the loops is created manually by professional producers Sample Magic and Soundtrack Loops. This means that you can create anything from the simplest fundamental Bit to rhythmic and melodic works. 

Download: Sample Logic - Rhythmology

Sample Logic - Cinematic Keys (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Cinematic Keys for Kontakt Player is a collection of sounds traditional and mutilated, distorted keyboards. Set sound effect allows to modulate in real time, creating new possibilities for endless creative process. Instruments & Multis derived entirely from recordings of keyboard instruments.

Download: Sample Logic - Cinematic Keys (KONTAKT)


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