Rattly and Raw - The Vinyl Carving Station (KONTAKT)

Rattly and Raw - The Vinyl Carving Station is an unusual and specific vinyl drum machine. Vinyl Carving Station was inspired by a very specific process - a locked groove. The very last sound in the song is looped, the effect of "jamming" the needle or the repetition of some monotonous sound (loop) is created. Most often this is done with the last track on the side of the record. 

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The Vinyl Carving Station have sampled hundreds of these sounds, and then we built the most user-friendly interface that we could create in Kontakt, and filled it with the best of these sounds.
The result is the Vinyl Carving Station, and we are very proud that you can get results. The tempo is synchronized with your DAW and fully programmed by you or randomly generated with a single click. If you want to dig deeper, we've added powerful processing effects to instantly get completely ready to produce sound.


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