MusicLab RealLPC 3.0

MusicLab RealLPC 3.0 - virtual emulator guitar Les Paul Custom is based on samples with an innovative approach guitar sound modeling and guitar performance parties on the keyboard. RealLPC can be used as a VST instrument in any sound editor (host application), or as a stand-alone version (Standalone). MusicLab - RealLPC 5

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Version 3.0
- New GUI
- Playable keys on virtual keyboard (mouse click)
- Note names display on virtual fretboard
- Strokes, FXs, Articulations display in the Info bar
- New MODES:
Joystick mode

- Our unique Struminator technology, including Smart Strum, Smart Strings, Color Tab modes letting you create guitar accompaniment parts with unbelievable realism and expression using alternative MIDI controller (standard Guitar Hero game controller by Activision Inc.)
MIDI Guitar mode

- MIDI access to individual strings (6 channels->6 strings) with independent pitch bend control, and FXs
- Guitar MIDI interface multi-channel support letting you use normal guitar via MIDI converter with RealGuitar/Strat/LPC
- Added chords: Sus2, Maj7/9, 6/9, m7/11
- User Chord Banks for chordal modes (edit/change factory chord fingerings)
- Added switchable FXs/Articulations:
- Tapping
- Legato
- String Select
- SlideUp (trigger) - triggers slide up FROM the playing note(s)
- SlideDown (trigger) - triggers slide down FROM the playing note(s)
- Modulation Wheel FX Switch
- Drop C (6th string lowest note)
- MIDI CC11 Expression control support
- Full automation control for KeySwitch FXs via NRPN
- 64-bit VST3 support on Mac
 - A lot of smaller improvements


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