Karanyi Sounds - Budapest Abstract Marimba (KONTAKT)

Budapest Abstract Marimba is designed to create fast sequences and inspiring tremolo basics for a modern sound. Unlike traditional marimba libraries, we've focused on fleeting rich, vibrant sounds, and we've added multiple synth and ambient sub-layers to suit all genres from electronic, jazz to cinematic. 

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Adams Concert Marimba sampled in a dry studio enviroment in Budapest
+ Traditional techiques
+ 6 different hit & tremolo instruments played with soft, medium, hard sitcks, hands and brush
+ 4 velocity layers from pianissimo to forte
+ 6 octaves / instruments
+ 17 GUI controls including Instrument Switch, Attack-Decay Control, Room Mix adjustment, EQ presets, Tape, Chorus, Reverb and Master Compressor
+ Recorded with 2 x AT35 (Mid Mix) + Shure SM57 (Close Mix) on Universal Audio Apollo X
+ All GUI elements are MIDI learnable

Everything from Traditional Instruments plus
+ 15 extra analog synthesizer sublayers sampled from various Oberheim & Dave Smith synthesizers
+ 1 to 3 velocity layers / instrument
+ 6 octaves / instruments


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