Ilya Efimov Retro Bass (Kontakt)

Ilya Efimov - Retro Bass - this library is a full emulation bass Fender Bass Guitar`52. We recorded 12 dynamic layers for each fret of each string with a variety of playing techniques and articulations. The only patch combines the performance of his fingers, a pick, and slap. In addition to the remaining methods of execution, the patch contains other articulations such as hammer-on, pull-off, flageolet, blank sheet music, a slide-ups, slides from any note to another along the string, a set of ready glissando effects.

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Complex but hidden from the user selection algorithm string and positions in real time, making the library a fantastically realistic. Additional options as keys to repeat the last notes Simplified playing legato, the use of blind music in several ways to make it even easier to allow the bass guitar midi as close and similar to a live performance instrument. 

FEATURES Ilya Efimov - Retro Bass:

1.17 GB compressed format ncw
3346 samples, 24 bit, 44.1 KHz
Up to 12 layers of velocity for each of the frets 20 in each string.
Execution of a finger, slap and mediator
6 types of legato included automatically depending on the choice of the main articulation
Type 2 reception slap: THUMB and POP. Automatic and manual selection.
Automatic and manual selection of strings and the position of execution
Natural control of the attacks
Grace notes, harmonics, deaf notes (2 runtime deaf score)
Key repetition of the last note for easy simulation ostinato figures
Natural glissando of any note to another note on one string.
Glissando effects
Ability to change the tone of the guitar sensors
Various effects and amp cabinet
Many sound effects to enhance the realism added either manually or automatically (strikes, sliding across the strings).


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