Dream Audio Tools - Dream Circle v1.5 (KONTAKT)

Dream Audio Tools - Dream Circle v1.5 for KONTAKT is a new library with examples of hits and effects derived from a small handmade copper gong. 

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Dream Circle captures the beautiful nuances of a small handmade brass gong, recorded using Hammer, Sticks, Metals and Brushes. Hits, athmospheric effects, tempo synced patterns, tuned and playable patches, reverses, swells and more. All patches and sounds including Dream Audio Tools signature sonic research and accuracy.

- All samples are 24 bit/48 Khz
- 39 designed .nki patches including 2 full sets and 2 extra sets.
- 650 Mbytes of recorded material
- Round robins for hammer, stick, metal and brush hits
- Recorded in vintage equipped studio
- Designed effect variations activable


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