Big Fish Audio - First Call Vintage Keyboards (KONTAKT, AKAI)

Big Fish Audio - First Call Vintage Keyboards is a complete library of vintage synthesizers, electric pianos and organs for your sampler. Here all together, everything necessary to make a track in the spirit of the 60's - 70's. All the classic sounds including: Arp, Farfisa, Hammond B3, Clav, Mellotron, Moog, Oberheim, Wurlitzer, Korg, Crumar, Emu, Sequential, Yamaha CS-80, Fender Rhodes, Vox Continental & way more. 

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"First I loaded the Hammond B3... I was frankly shocked at the authenticity. I quickly moved to Fender Rhodes and Mellotron and began thinking 'everything on this disc is gold'. ...the original intent of each machine is captured by the sample or brilliantly simulated by the patch." - Keyboards, France.

Product Contents:
ARP 2600 (monophonic, patchable analog)
ARP Odyssey (monophonic analog)
ARP String Ensemble (polyphonic string synthesizer)
Crumar Bit 01 (polyphonic analog)
Farfisa Combo Organ
Fender Rhodes '73' (electric piano)
Hammond B3 organ percussion with 122 Leslie. Layer with regular B3 patch. Hammond B3 organ percussion with 142 Leslie. Layer with regular B3 patch. Hammond B3 organ with 122 Leslie
Hammond B3 organ with 142 Leslie
Hohner D6 Clavinet (electric piano)
Korg DW8000 (polyphonic hybrid synthesizer)
Mellotron (tape-based keyboard)
Minimoog (monophonic analog)
Moog Memorymoog (polyphonic analog)
Moog Taurus Bass Pedal (original version)
Oberheim Matrix 12 (polyphonic analog)
Oberheim OB-8 (polyphonic analog)
Oberheim OB-Xa (polyphonic analog)
Oxford Synthesizer Company's OSCar (monophonic hybrid synth)
Roland Juno 106 (polyphonic analog)
Roland Jupiter 8 (polyphonic analog)
Roland JX3P (polyphonic analog)
Roland JX8P (polyphonic analog)
Roland TB-303 (analog bass synth/sequencer combo)
Sequential Circuits Pro1 (monophonic analog)
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS (digital vector synthesis/analog filters)
Vox Continental 'Baroque' Combo Organ
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Yamaha CS-80 (polyphonic analog)


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