Audiofier - AetherArp (KONTAKT)

Audiofier - AetherArp for KONTAKT is the 4 Sound Engines and Cloud Arpeggiator library that creates evolving soundscapes, mutating sounds, and ethereal / extraordinary moods that add movement and atmosphere to your music products and films. 

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Audiofier - AetherArp uses:
2 main layers of sound, plus 2 layers of flicker
30 multisampled sound sources for each layer
150+ Snasphots Presets
Less than 4 GB (compressed NCW)
Endless sound combinations
Evolving, unpredictable soundscapes
4 Convolvers with 200+ impulses of answers in 10 categories
Distortion effects before and after convolver, chorus effect
Delay and reverb master
Cloud Arpeggiator with Random Parameters
Random generation of new sounds and cloud arpeggios
Cancel last randomization


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