Auddict - Virtuoso Violin (KONTAKT)

The most realistic violins are Virtuoso Violin - a library for Kontakt 5 +. We tried to cover as many possible sounds of the violin as possible, resulting in a huge list of articulations, which you can see below. We even specially sampled slurred, bowed and fast legato, so you can correctly and realistically execute various passages. 

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In addition, we want our instruments to be as flexible as possible in terms of sounding in a real situation, so when recording, in addition to the close and stage positions of the microphones, we also took care to have both a tape and a condenser microphone, between which you can switch. The interface provides for changing the width of stereo positions of microphones by dragging them.
We spent some time trying to find a solution, how to enable the user to play slow, stretched passages, or faster and virtuoso, and eventually come up with a very complicated technique that allows it to be done. We sampled the intervals completely differently, and configured them so you can switch between them depending on whether you play fast or not. Therefore, for a faster legato, you can switch to "fast" (legato switch), extracting a very realistic sound. 

Additional Information:
Normal Sustain
Stutter (a quick stuttered grace note before the main sustain)
FP (loud then suddenly quiet with a crescendo back up)
Marcato (A more accented pronounced attack and note)
Trill Semitone
Trill Tone
Eight sets / combinations of grace note shorts
Octave up shorts
Staccato on-string (detached playing without lifting the bow)
Major chords
Minor chords


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