ARIA Sounds - Violinist (Kontakt)

ARIA Sounds - Violinist for Native Instruments Kontakt - sampled solo violin by ARIA Sounds. With true legato, selected with the interval plus three dynamic layers. In addition, programmed up-bow, down-bow alternation so that sounds are present in the tool as possible. With true legato sampled intervals, plus three dynamic layers.On top of this, we have programmed an up-bow, down-bow alternative for as natural a sound to the instrument as possible.

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Instrument Summary

- 3 Dynamic levels with alternating up and down bowing for ultra natural sound

- True specifically recorded legato intervals between notes, also programmed for maximum playability

- Staccato and legato playability

- Crossfading dynamics via mod wheel or MIDI CC1

This violin Kontakt instrument was recorded in the same brilliant hall as our solo cellist, so not only does the quality of the sound uphold, but it also workd together seamlessly with the cello, as they sound in the same space.

The violinist recording these samples has full control and musicality over their instrument, and it comes through in these samples when they are played. Each note was played and recorded with care and attention, and likewise, later programmed to bring out the best in the samples in use through Kontakt sampling.


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