Ample Sound - Ample Ethno Banjo 1.0.0 STANDALONE, VSTi (WIN/OSX) x64

Ample Sound - Ample Ethno Banjo 1.0.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU. Ample Sound has announced the release of Ample Ethno Banjo (AEBJ), a new virtual instrument with samples based on Deering Sierra Banjo. 

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Ample Sound - Ample Ethno Banjo 1.0.0 This is a 3.9 GB sample library with 9 articulations.
4 microphone modes: Mono, Bridge Stereo, Body Stereo and Neck Stereo.
Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Slide in & out, Legato Slide, Hammer On & Pull Off, Pop, Strum, 9 articulations. Legato of arbitrary length and pitch with support for multiple strings.
Each voice has its own SAHDS modulation envelope.
You can get natural and realistic vibrato by holding the modulation wheel in one position.
Modulation speed, gain and pitch can also be adjusted.
Each string can be bent individually, while the other strings play regular notes.
The Advance Bend system simulates a real instrument by simulating changes in sound such as timbre and speed.
Capo logic system.
Banjo Strummer.
Banjo Tab Reader.


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