PreSonus - Notion 5.1.374

Company PreSonus has released Notion 5, an update to its popular musical editor PreSonus. The new version of Notion 5 makes it easier and faster than ever to record their ideas and includes a new video window, new effects from PreSonus Studio One, an expanded library of chords, editor of user-defined rules and a lot of improvements in the editing and publishing of music.

NEW: VERSION 5.1.374

Custom number of strings can once more be entered from Instrument Staff Settings window. The number of strings is then reflected in tab and on the interactive fretboard.
VST instruments that have presets supported by Notion now show again in the Instrument Staff Settings window
Notion reverb no longer resets
Instrumental techniques for the new Woodwind and Brass expansion packs now show in the palette
Video window now waits for metronome count-in before starting to record
Windows version of Notion will now open a new score when the previous score is closed with the mixer showing
Connection to ASIO devices with more than 128 channels has been fixed
Keyboard shortcut preferences retained in international languages
In addition, the Ukulele expansion pack now available for sale in the PreSonus Software Store.


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