Hephaestus Sounds - Jack's Concert Guitar v1.10 (KONTAKT)

Hephaestus Sounds - Jack's Concert Guitar v1.10 for KONTAKT is a distinct, neat and highly expressive acoustic guitar for Kontakt, using SenseTech technology to adapt sound in real time depending on your playing style. Sometimes a great guitar player and a great instrument are not enough. The difference lies in the ability to make a discrete instrument reproduced exactly as a real instrument that simulates articulation and noise in real time. 

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This is achieved using the SenseTech script and smart sampling methods.
SENSETECH - intelligent scripting - This new tool uses our latest scripting development: SenseTech. This is the latest evolution of the previous Performer Intelligent Technology, capable of simulating a tool in all its nuances and every articulation, just playing, using very few system resources and an improved high-precision script that manages a large number of samples in a few milliseconds of time
Ease of use - With SenseTech, you don’t need to worry about keystrokes or different playback modes. Legato? Slip? Strum? Do not worry, you just need to play. SenseTech takes care of everything.


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