East West Bösendorfer 290 Piano

Samples acoustic piano Boesendorfer 290 from East West and PMI. An unusual and interesting sound. Must have in the library of any arranger. The 5-star awarded PMI Bösendorfer 290 is simply the best sampled Bösendorfer 290 Grand Piano on the planet - and now it's available as a 24-bit plug-in for the first time. This Plug-In version comes with 28 programs (9 DRY programs, 9 WET programs (with and without true real-time repedalling), 3 Dry & Wet layered programs and several FX variations. 

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This pristine piano library has finally captured all of the beauty of this piano. Up to 16 velocity layers, true release samples, true repedalling and two different microphone positions (close and ambient) for ultimate ambience control... and best of all: it sounds as good as the real thing. The bass of this instrument is absolutely huge with a very focused pitch.  


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