Waves - Bass Slapper Library (BASS SLAPPER)

The sample library for Waves Bass Slapper includes the world's largest library of samples of bass guitar sounds with slides, jamming with right and left hands and harmonious fights. Intuitive control of the instrument and articulation allows you to accurately determine where to play the fretboard, when you need to switch strings which strings to thumb or pop.

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Waves - Bass Slapper Library (BASS SLAPPER)
The world’s most extensive slap bass sample library
11 interactive playing positions with automatic string switching
Full 5-string articulations: thumbing, popping, mutes & more
Real-time MIDI controls
Customizable Keyswitch EditorStudio-quality effects & authentic amp simulation
Detailed tone controls with 4-band EQ, sub octave, low boostAuthentic amp & clean DI tones. 


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