Studio Major7th - Yu Vocalise v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

Studio Major7th - Yu Vocalise v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

Studio Major7th - Yu Vocalise is a Kontakt vocal library specializing Legato and singing with vowel. The speed of Legato can be adjusted by velocity and Fast (or Slow) button.The variation of Legato speed is 127 stages. 

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Besides the normal Legato, Sforzando, Staccato and bending-up from 2nd lower key singing are prepared.
The sound range is as wide as from E2 to C5.(The sample from E4 to C5 is processed from the copy)
It has a wide range of usage such as a soundtrack with wet Reverb, solo and several channel's chords and background vocal of other products.

The vibrato is applicable to various genre due to the adjustable pitch and volume of depth of the vibrato. And the volume of breath sound is adjustable so that it can provide from whispering voice to head voice. You can make it clearer with the Brightness button.
You can also control volume and vibrato only with modulation wheel, if Multi Controller button is on.


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