Soundiron Little Wooden Flutes

Soundiron Little Wooden Flutes

Soundiron Little Wooden Flutes used in modern and traditional Indian folk music. Primarily found in southern India, it is often depicted being played by the Hindu god Krishna. We captured 3 styles of apartment sample support and staccato notes - are normal, and sang overtones bursts. Keeping notes each has 2x cyclical variations, while each has staccatos 8 cyclic variation per note.

The Venu we recorded for this library is peculiar in that it is a 7 holed flute carved from rosewood, rather than the typical 8 hole bamboo material you’ll find in most venu flutes. This difference gives it a warmer, fuller sound. It is tuned in the key of C minor. We recorded this flute in a close, dry studio environment with a large diaphragm vintage style omni mic and a more modern transformerless cardioid mic, both by Neumann.


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