Session Guitarist Strummed: Acoustic

Native Instruments SESSION GUITARIST - STRUMMED ACOUSTIC - based on patterns Strum Guitar (strum) library. Sampled vintage guitar Martin D-35 in 1973. Patterns can be selected via a toggle key, and chords themselves pressed on the MIDI keyboard. Playing always synchronized with the project tempo in the host. From the sound options STRUMMED ACOUSTIC can be noted stereo mode, a mode of doubling (doubling), and the possibility of real-time mixing low and high fret position. Native Instruments - Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2

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Through careful selection and placement of microphones, excellent room acoustics and high quality audio equipment, require no additional signal processing. You will find that the sound STRUMMED ACOUSTIC fits virtually any mix. 

For use with: Free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER (included in free KOMPLETE PLAYERS), or KONTAKT 5
Sound category: Acoustic Guitar
Download size (Mac/PC): 8.5 GB
System requirements: FREE KONTAKT 5 PLAYER or KONTAKT 5 (version 5.4.2 or higher)
Please also see the KONTAKT 5 PLAYER system requirements


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