Rhythmic Robot - Seinfeld Bass (KONTAKT)

Rhythmic Robot - Seinfeld Bass MIDI Bass hardware for Kontakt instrument. The MIDI Bass is a simple little device – MIDI notes go in, bass sounds come out – so we’ve kept things simple for our recreation, which just adds some useful compression and tube saturation controls and leaves the rest up to you and your funk. 

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The 360 Systems MIDI Bass was an early sampled bass unit, later upgraded to a Pro version that rackmounted. It was a limited but (for its time) powerful-sounding machine that had swappable EPROMS to access additional sounds. We managed to score an original tabletop MIDI Bass plus a set of EPROMS covering a range of both classic and unusual sounds with a distinctly 80s vibe. There is, of course, ‘that’ Seinfeld Slap bass; but if you don’t fancy reliving the glory days of American comedy, there are seven other sounds to choose from – a great Fender Jazz bass, through a punchy 80s synth bass to a rather cool Stick bass (think  Tony Levin playing Peter Gabriel’s live gigs and you’ve got it)… and more.


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