RealiTone - RealiWhistle (KONTAKT)

RealiTone - RealiWhistle for KONTAKT - it is the most comprehensive tool whistle, you can control the speed of legato and vibrato, reverb option, attack and release, as well the ability to add another one or two votes. With two whistling styles, round robins, legato, velocity dynamics, falls, ramps, vibrato, and even an ensemble mode. 

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Two different whistling styles: The typical “lips” style, and then an airier “tongue” style.

For both styles, we recorded two dynamics with three round robins each.

We also recorded optional ramps (rises) into each note, for more realistic performances. This makes a huge difference, as you’ll see in the walkthrough video.

And falls, too! In two different speeds. Like the ramps, these are triggered via keyswitches.

Speaking of keyswitches, we display them right there on the interface. They couldn’t be easier.

We also include legato, for even more realism. You can even select the speed.


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