Realitone - RealiDrums 2.0 (KONTAKT)

Realitone - RealiDrums 2.0 - it is the largest drums collection, with real, beautiful sound. 42 different snare drums, 7 kick drums, 11 hi hats and many toms, cymbals and crashes, as well as percussion.
In RealiDrums 2.0 you can find the sound that you want * quickly *. No painstaking tweaks and exaggeration of improper drum setup that he sounded the way you would like, trying to fix his sound. 

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With RealiDrums just try a different drum. And then another. All quickly, without waiting for the download time. We even included the up / down buttons, as well as a switch for scrolling drum menu, so that you can click, until you get the drum with perfect tone for your project. You want to hear "Rock" a combination of a drum? Or how about "Room" mix? One touch of a button.

RealiDrums works with the free Kontakt Player. (Or with the full version of Kontakt.)
PC/Mac compatible. Runs in all sequencers.


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